Art Classes with Harriet!
Harriet is currently running online classes for corporate and private groups. 
Perfect for beginners, her emphasis is on making art accessible and fun. Taking cues from her own practice, she guides you through a variety of techniques, encouraging you to embrace accident, follow intuition, and generally just to revel in the enjoyment that comes from taking the time to really look. 

1.5 - 2 hour online workshop
All materials can be posted to your door ahead of the class.

This relaxed class is for anyone who is new to the medium and wants to get started, or interested in loosening up their painting style or learning to paint like Harriet!
Harriet will introduce you to, and guide you through a variety of techniques she uses in her own colourful paintings, with an emphasis on experimental approaches to colour and mark-making, and really helping you to embrace the fluidity and playfulness of the medium.
The class will be a mixture of Harriet doing demos and showing you examples of watercolour paintings to demonstrate techniques, and you having a go, asking questions as and when you need.
You can either choose to work from one of Harriet's watercolour paintings as a guide, or work from your own image of choice to create a 'practice' piece (or two) during the class, learning a variety of different techniques which you can take away with you for approaching future paintings.

What you will learn:
- how to get started!
- using colour expressively
- the fun of letting the paint take over
- different types of mark-making
- achieving different textures in watercolour

Prices vary depending on class size, but usually work out at £30pp, which includes all materials you need posted to your door ahead of the class. 
For more information, to book a workshop or to discuss a bespoke art workshop or series of workshops please get in touch:
Thank you!
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